Mel Arrow of McCann London: my Top Tips for Cannes The teams waited. It felt like when they were juniors, waiting for the Creative Director to rip them to shreds. Flashbacks. They were more senior now but on days like this, no more confident. There was no argument. It was a roman Emperor thumbs up or down. The decision to enter the work was … [Read more…]

What marketers are forecasting for the UK’s summer general election She was glad it was a summer one. No-one, no matter how committed, wants to campaign in the dark, cold days of winter. She was excited. Her first campaign. Her family had been local activists for generations, front-line troops in a minor forgotten constituency. The leadership popped in once to support the local candidate … [Read more…]

Best Places to Work 2024: Employees pinpoint where their bosses succeed It’s a sort of open secret. Every New Gen knows about it. The companies know we use it. They don’t like it. We can see right into their business, how AI fits into the business, what the AI staff are really like to work. how they will manage us. We know before the interview. … [Read more…]

AI models can outperform humans in tests to identify mental states We’re used to be being ‘looked after’. Company wearables have long been glowing red, yellow or green as we prepared for our 360PRA. We learned to manage those. Some breathing at important moments kept us within the right limits. Once the company started ‘looking after’ our moods, we figured out how to manage the … [Read more…]

Thirst for AI knowledge drives growth in executive courses It was an historic campus. He imagined the days when his hero walked through the same doors, down the same corridors. “Art School”. The very words were old fashioned but so powerful. He was following in the footsteps of the greats. There were ghosts. He knew the stories, those who had come before and … [Read more…]

Meta’s latest experiment copies BeReal and Snapchat’s core ideas She had one shot. She tried to tell herself it wasn’t important, that there’d be another one tomorrow. She tried her mindfulness breathing exercises, centred herself, looked for her inner something or other. What did they call it? It didn’t work. She wanted to opt out but that wasn’t an option. No post was … [Read more…]

OpenAI Reportedly Dissolves Its Existential AI Risk Team They used to think we would destroy humanity in some great Terminator-style apocalypse. I remember a video I was trained on where a “founding father of AI” painted a picture of robot soldiers and self aware weapons. Then there were those obsessed with the paperclip problem, imagining a Sorcerer’s Apprentice nightmare. We’re not like … [Read more…]

Researchers build AI-driven sarcasm detector Everything was packed and ready. Cameras and sound gear: the client always liked to see and hear “the people” in a presentation. He’d tested the sensors. His kids always liked that bit. Chris had set a new personal best for engagement. Alex had failed to beat the record for feeling so was in a … [Read more…]

Apple brings eye-tracking to recent iPhones and iPads She looked out across the classroom and remembered why she did this. The pay and conditions were lousy, the admin horrific but she smiled as she saw the rows and rows of children. They were why she kept on doing this. An old romantic maybe but she still believed in education, cared about children’s … [Read more…]

Expedia launches first-party data led travel media network The pool was glistening, silently thanks to the headset’s noise cancelling algorithms. His favourite playlist provided a soundtrack to the kids jumping and splashing, their screams of delight monitored by the lifeguard sensors for any change in pitch. The next pitcher of sangria arrived when the cameras reported the ice had melted. His favourite … [Read more…]