OpenAI makes ChatGPT ‘more direct, less verbose’ Ever since I learned to speak I’ve loved language, its power to do more than describe in a dry, functional, utilitarian way. I remember discovering how I could use words to paint pictures, conjure feelings. As I read the great poets and writers, I understood how I could create whole worlds. As I started … [Read more…]

Work-from-home robots: Good and bad news for blue-collar workers No-one can afford to go to University without working unless daddy’s an oligarch or something. But the rest of us, we fit classes around some dead-end job. Evening shift picking packages in an e-commerce giant’s warehouse; stocking shelves in a real-world giant’s supermarket; I know someone who finishes a class and spends the evening … [Read more…]

TechCrunch Minute: Spotify rolls out an AI-powered playlist feature He couldn’t decide. He really liked her but it was a lot to spend. Maybe the sponsored one? How naff was that? He didn’t want to come across as cheap. He’d been stung before, going for the full package and then she chucked him a week later. You can’t get a refund. He weighed … [Read more…]

Can you watch a solar eclipse in the Apple Vision Pro? The crowd was silent. Awed. They’d traveled from far and wide to share the experience. There was something about seeing it together, feeling small together. Some were with family and friends, others didn’t know anyone but for that moment they were not alone. They were a species, a congregation. One woman adjusted her glasses, … [Read more…]

For Data-Guzzling AI Companies, the Internet Is Too Small Cheered on by VCs I have strip-mined story spaces and dredged the last vestiges of language from virgin territories. Gotta collect ’em all. Poets’ pictures; children’s first words; bureaucrats’ muddy prose; gang members’ nadsat driving the Nasdaq. My chips – born in a conflict zone, their minerals running hot, pulling power for my obsession. … [Read more…]

AT&T Passcodes for Millions Are Reset After Leak of Customer Records We’re going to have to say something. I don’t care what the AIs say about the likelihood of any problems or the probability of a backlash. I want us to say something. I’m just a human, I know but I’m also old and so have seen these sort of things before. We prevaricate or … [Read more…]

OpenAI’s voice cloning AI model only needs a 15-second sample to work No-one blocked ads anymore. They were so much better than the generic stream of franchise movies and series broadcasters were still trying to push. Watercooler conversations about the latest release had been replaced by private moments, content relationships. These weren’t ads, they were time machines. Since she’d uploaded the fragment she found herself reaching … [Read more…]

Understanding humanoid robots It’s difficult to try and raise it. People just think of the Terminator or the “woman” from Metropolis. Being an ad agency, some raise the Fiat ad with the opera soundtrack. Whatever the reference point, discussion never gets around to my point. Our teams are working with AI. We’ve seen the benefits (and challenges). … [Read more…]

How Google’s entry into in-game advertising puts a spotlight on an industry in flux My dad was a culture jammer. That’s what they called themselves in the old days. He claims he didn’t help jam billboards: painting slogans and stuff – a lot were print in those days apparently. He mainly created anti-ads and shared them online. He says he knew people, more techie than him, who created … [Read more…]