Tinder gets a ‘Share My Date’ feature for users to send date plans to their curious friends

https://techcrunch.com/2024/04/21/tinder-gets-a-share-my-date-feature-for-users-to-send-date-plans-to-their-curious-friends I suppose my job is to act as a sounding board. As her friend, I’m glad she’s cautious. You can’t be too careful. I know here very well and she can rush into things, so bouncing things off me is… well, a good idea. I’m used to giving advice of course. What are friends … [Read more…]

This camera trades pictures for AI poetry

https://techcrunch.com/2024/04/20/poetry-camera It was always a hit at parties. She didn’t mind having to carry it. When she got it out of her bag, she was the centre of attention. And when it spat a picture out and passed it around, she couldn’t help smile. Sometimes she went into a rhapsodic monologue about material things, wabi-sabi, … [Read more…]

Is pre-testing resulting in a procession of paint-by-numbers dance ads?

https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2024/04/18/pre-testing-resulting-procession-paint-numbers-dance-ads Her finger hovered over the keyboard. She knew she had to do it. It was her job. She also knew that it was a ‘good thing’, it saved time and therefore money. It gave her “everything” she needed to work with, to work her creative magic. At least her company still valued people like … [Read more…]

Internet users are getting younger; now the UK is weighing up if AI can help protect them

https://techcrunch.com/2024/04/18/internet-users-are-getting-younger-now-the-uk-is-weighing-up-if-ai-can-help-protect-them The cars were recharging by the school gates. There were advantages in getting your child into the best schools, often located on smart streets with the best wireless panels. The children chattered as they filed through the sensors, most not bothering to look back to the nanny, parent or avatar that had driven them. … [Read more…]

Google Fires 28 Workers Who Protested its Contracts With Israel

https://gizmodo.com/google-fires-28-workers-who-protested-its-contracts-wit-1851418289 He never liked having to do it. You didn’t get to his level in the company without being ruthless but there was something about firing a colleague. He was a nice guy. He particularly didn’t like it when the reason wasn’t a cut-and-dried issue but something a little greyer: a political stance. Off the … [Read more…]

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

https://www.theverge.com/c/24070570/internet-cables-undersea-deep-repair-ships I’ve still got his letters. Well, messages, but I think of them as ‘letters’, a bit like the ones generations of men sent home from the front to partners and kids. I guess those kids treasured their dad’s messages too. They were probably as proud as I was… and am. The ‘letters’ don’t talk … [Read more…]

Lie-detecting AI may be coming to a job interview near you

https://the-media-leader.com/lie-detecting-ai-may-be-coming-to-a-job-interview-near-you/ She demanded there was a human “in the room”. “Call me old fashioned but I want to look the candidate in the eye. I can tell whether they’re right.” They humoured her. The AI systems on the call would make the decision anyway. Micro-expressions, tonal analysis, discourse analysis – colourful charts if she wanted … [Read more…]

UK rethinks AI legislation as alarm grows over potential risks

https://www.ft.com/content/311b29a4-bbb3-435b-8e82-ae19f2740af9 There are different initiatives. Behind the scenes we’re lobbying ministers. This proposed legislation is a threat to civil liberties and freedoms. We cannot allow this authoritarian clampdown. We’re also taking legal action. We’ve uncovered a number of interesting precedents and legal strategies that we’re sure Government lawyers won’t see coming! And then there’s the … [Read more…]

The rise of the chief AI officer

https://www.ft.com/content/4c5d823e-004b-4f00-9536-9fea93330453 People often ask me what I do. I give them a brief rundown on object-oriented philosophy, the idea that the world is made up of objects connecting and networking like the jewels in Indra’s Net. The key thing is the ontology is flat: human (objects) are as real and as powerful as unhuman like … [Read more…]

Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram

https://techcrunch.com/2024/04/12/meta-is-testing-an-ai-powered-search-bar-in-instagram It had been one of those day. The news. Real wars and culture wars. Everywhere she looked: hate, People behaving badly. One of those days. She needed reassurance. “Show me..” she began. The search bar autocompleted. A stream of stories: people helping strangers. She smiled. It had been one of those days. That last … [Read more…]