Mark Zuckerberg imagines content creators making AI clones of themselves I think people know there isn’t just a single human being behind this. They know that any human works with AI, lots of AI. It’s not new. Andy Warhol’s factory, Damien Hirst, they were names attached to… well you could call them teams. Some of us make stuff, others package it and get it … [Read more…]

Manchester City uses Fortnite to expand its global audience There’s an old photo… it’s paper, really cool… of my dad and his dad going to the match. My gran took it apparently. Every week they used to head off down the street. Scarves, no matter the weather. She said she loved her Saturday afternoons. After the match, my dad would come home and … [Read more…]

Hobbies are not supposed to be productive endeavours It’s not easy. I’m getting better but, no it’s not been easy. I’m making progress but it’s slow. We’re all so used to having “someone” – yes I am a “namer” – to turn to for help, someone who can do the job for us or help us do it. When Alex and I … [Read more…]

The Global CrowdStrike Outage Triggered a Surprise Return to Cash To the surprise of many it didn’t take very long. Shops coped as they worked out prices and how to give customers change. Buskers too figured out how to take cash again. They were doing such brisk business, as people’s devices refused to stream, they didn’t care. Businesses large and small suddenly found having … [Read more…]

Former OpenAI researcher’s new company will teach you how to build an LLM Some had chosen to dress up. They’d seen old pictures of “graduation” with young people like them and their human trainers dressed in extravagant costumes. Some chose cosplay, others just wore the clothes they wore in the jobs they already had. Some choose to bring their AI partner others were alone. Each stakeholder sent … [Read more…]

Introducing the ad archivist: What my Mr Potato Head collection taught me about ads The museum was popular with school parties. History seemed to come alive. The children were so used to brands in their schools,, public and playspaces that seeing how those brands advertised in the old days always raised a laugh and, the teachers hoped, meet a learning outcome and the school’s brand engagement metrics. They … [Read more…]

More people now believe in advertising’s positive impact They were so proud. They often rejoiced in the stereotype. “We’re tree-hugging, sandal-wearing, tofu-eating Guardian readers,” they’d say. People had long forgotten what a “Guardian reader” was but they remembered their parents talking about them. They were happy to talk about the marches, the kettles, the boycotts. Their son had been embarrassed when he … [Read more…]

The First AI-Powered Storytelling Teddy Bear Is Here. I Gave It to My Kids to Test They prided themselves on their approach to tech. They’d signed their daughter up for the best filters and fact checkers on her device. It cost but they were determined to do tech-raising right. They’d thought a lot about The Bear, remembered the stories about surveillance dolls, re-read The Diamond Age. They were confident their … [Read more…]

Inside the AI memory machine The Counsellor had high hopes. Both of them had responded to the initial invitations and now they were both here, sitting on the sofa. There was tension of course but the sensors showed yellow. Not bad at this stage. What was more positive, they were here in person. So many couples now just sent … [Read more…]