The Book

What if…? Speculative fiction and imagining business is part an exploration of the power of speculative fiction to empower business to address the complex realities, challenges and opportunities they now face; part how-to guide and, frankly, part polemic calling on us to be more creative in our thinking.

Designed to encourage and enable anyone to take up a pen, pencil or keyboard and imagine “What if..?” as a way of creatively but strategically engaging with emerging technologies, cultures and audiences, the book stands alone as a framework for understanding and mapping those complexities through an object-oriented analysis drawn from my PhD. But the book really comes into its own when used in conjunction with The Speculation Studio Cards and The Speculation Studio Workshop.

The contents:

  • Part One: In which we get to know speculative fiction. An overview and argument for the power of speculation.
  • Part Two: In which we discover why now is a good time for speculation. Using Voice as a case study, an object-oriented look at our current situation and why speculation helps us map it and work within it.
  • Part Three: In which we get down to speculating. Some guidance on writing short-from speculative fiction.
  • Part Four: In which we discover what we’ve discovered. A plan for how to make the most of the speculating you’ve just done, bringing the lessons back to the business.
  • Plus, selected speculative fictions and the lessons they uncovered.

The Book is available in print or on Kindle at Amazon or as a free PDF here.