Micro-speculations w/c 13/7/20

He missed the fussball table, the free foot massages… the start-up vibe. As he opened another “start (up) your day (TM) innovation-food” package with its cheery message from the founder, he sighed and grabbed a donut.

He was nostalgic so he dialed up the ‘wonkey wheel’ as the display reminded him of his 5:2 day. He strapped the baby into the seat. After a few seconds, the trolley announced an offer on nappies as it directed him to the baby changing room. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/14/amazon-rolls-out-shopping-carts-that-eliminate-checkout-lines.html

As the call began the voices had good separation as the contributions flowed onto the whiteboard. All the participants were being recognised. He reached for the mixer desk and faded her down… just a little… https://voicebot.ai/2020/07/15/facebooks-new-ai-model-can-distinguish-five-voices-speaking-simultaneously/

She flicked the switch and the view narrowed. No longer panorama, now detail. Landscape became dappled light on a leaf. Cityscape zoomed in on an espresso cup. She turned. Specific, objects came into focus. She flicked the switch back and sighed. https://www.warc.com/newsandopinion/news/virtual-product-tours-have-positive-impact-on-consumers/43866