UK government to trial ‘red box’ AI tools to improve ministerial efficiency The Minister had a plan. It was a good plan. It would get him out of the “situation” and keep his career on track. The policy wouldn’t cost anything so he wouldn’t have to run it past the Treasury AI and he was convinced after running it past his Advisor that it would pass … [Read more…]

Google CEO says Gemini AI diversity errors are ‘completely unacceptable’ It was an election year. They were all jittery. The smallest misstep, the simplest slip and he was convinced it was game over. The party needed discipline. And so he was as angry as he was disappointed by what had happened. And it was the anger that was driving the meeting. The party managers … [Read more…]

Meet BeScene, a Tinder-style networking app for the film industry When we started the course, she told us the industry standard was “team”: some sort of cross between business partnership and a marriage. She told us the history of her relationships. How her partner had “got her”, how they’d bounced ideas off each other, cranked the creativity up, climbed the slippery career pole together. … [Read more…]

Apple’s wearable ideas include smart glasses and cameras in your ears He’d wanted to be involved in tech ever since he was little. It wasn’t the code or even the clever things it could do that attracted him. He was a design geek. He loved the lines and the curves and the fit and the feel and the weight and… He loved the looks he … [Read more…]

A Vending Machine Error Revealed Secret Face Recognition Tech There was the usual queue outside the classroom. The students had been at in London long enough to know if they didn’t “tap in” as the University called it (a friendly euphemism for a soulless, bureaucratic process) they’d soon receive a form letter with words like “attendance”, “visa” and “leave” in it. So they … [Read more…]

Virtual Staging AI helps Realtors digitally furnish rooms within seconds We won’t have any difficulty here. Properties like this are in high demand… with a little bit of work. No, you don’t have to do anything, that’s what we’re here for. I know, tidying up after the kids and dog for every viewing, who has the time? No, you don’t have to decide what … [Read more…]

A little US company makes history by landing on the Moon The streets were lined. Kids who’d suddenly discovered science to the delight of the politicians and teachers who were also there. There were adults too. Some could remember the early programmes when they were kids and the latest “giant leap” had awoken something. Tickertape was falling from the skyscrapers as the bands played and … [Read more…]

Hundreds of AI luminaries sign letter calling for anti-deepfake legislation We don’t believe letters do any good. There are are too many vested interests, agendas and frankly too much money in play for governments to listen. There’s also the fact that really, politicians aren’t sufficiently technologically literate to understand. No, our long letter will be acknowledged, mentioned on the media and then filed. No, … [Read more…]

Uber Eats is launching a delivery service with Cartken’s sidewalk robots in Japan He started when he was a student. Not great money but easy and flexible and, heh he got to ride his bike. Not as glamorous as the couriers of the past but something. He continued after he graduated, partly because he couldn’t get a “proper” job as his dad called it but also because … [Read more…]

Could OpenAI’s text to video AI model Sora change the game for brand films? He knew that someone had to do it. And it would probably have to be him. He was in charge of the account, they’d say. He was already getting increasingly agitated messages from the Creative Director. It was only a matter of time before she “jumped on a call” to demand he do something. … [Read more…]