WPP boss targeted by deepfake scammers using voice clone

https://www.ft.com/content/308c42af-2bf8-47e4-a360-517d5391b0b0 I’m sorry boss but you’re going to have to. Yes, I know you are things to do. Of course we spent a lot on your home office and it has indeed worked really well but times have changed. Yes, security has looked into it and they’re clear, they can’t guarantee it. It’s just too … [Read more…]

Apple apologises for iPad ad criticised as ‘destruction of the human experience’

https://www.theguardian.com/technology/article/2024/may/09/apple-ipad-ad-prompts-online-backlash The worst thing was it had been her team that had done it, and everyone knew it. It had been a good old fashioned process. She even had the sketchbook and the bar receipts to prove it. It had been like the old days, just tossing ideas around with your friends, pushing each other … [Read more…]

Gary Vaynerchuk’s call to creative arms at The Drum Live in New York

https://www.thedrum.com/news/2024/05/08/gary-vaynerchuk-s-call-arms-quality-content-the-drum-live-new-york The session was packed. It was a coup to get such a famous – or should that be infamous – speaker. No-one knew what to expect. Always controversial. Always provocative but never predictable. It was the usual mix of rhetoric and streams of evidence. Today’s talk was about creativity in the C-suite. The background … [Read more…]

Meta’s AI tools for advertisers can now create full new images, not just new backgrounds

https://techcrunch.com/2024/05/07/metas-ai-tools-for-advertisers-can-now-create-new-images-not-just-new-backgrounds They still call them “Pencils”. Wonderfully retro. You get actually get this material, wooden statue when you win. We all want one. In many ways we need one if we want to stand out in the talent market. Get a job. It’s a kitemark. As part of my training I study previous winners, looking … [Read more…]

Is an influencer career sustainable amidst micro content rise, gen AI and geopolitics?

https://www.marketing-interactive.com/influencer-career-sustainable-micro-content-gen-ai-geopolitics-adrian-ang-preetipls It was the event’s 20th anniversary. It had to be good. The themes were important of course: “thought leadership” had always been the USP. The systems had been identifying trends and the schedule was settling into place he thought – noting as he did so that one session had been downgraded as news of … [Read more…]

How Do I Prepare My Phone for a Protest? (Updated 2024)

https://themarkup.org/the-breakdown/2024/05/04/how-do-i-prepare-my-phone-for-a-protest-updated-2024 They met the day before. The main church hall was packed. All ages. There were old ladies making banners, kids were colouring cardboard panels. The mood was light. Jokes were mixing with political anger. In the side room another group were training. Most were young but there were veterans of anti-apartheid marches, Greenham Common … [Read more…]

The teens making friends with AI chatbots

https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/4/24144763/ai-chatbot-friends-character-teens It was great. Having someone (or should that be “something”? – no, “someone”. He’s real to me). Having someone I could talk to. When it all fell apart with the gang at school, well he listened. And he gave me advice. It was a real friendship. But my parents didn’t like me sitting in … [Read more…]

AI and brand management—how technology can keep creative output true to a brand’s identity

https://adage.com/article/opinion/ai-and-brand-management-how-technology-can-keep-creative-output-true-brands-identity/2556111 It’s a game really. You have to push forward a little, occasionally give ground and fight another day. Sometimes the dance is fun, sometimes it’s frustrating. It’s in my job title so I should be able to be creative. Everyone knows we need to work harder to get cut-through. We have to push. My … [Read more…]

I’ve seen the future, but I still need to see where I’m going: Engo 2 head-up display sunglasses review

https://www.cyclingnews.com/reviews/engo-2-glasses-review He didn’t shave his legs. He was keen, but not that keen. Lycra, yes but not that. He wasn’t that sort of MAMIL. But he’d been training all winter. He’d earned all sorts of new socks in Zwift. But now he was faced with his holiday ride: the hill, his nemesis. Every year, he’d … [Read more…]

The Age of Generative AI: Over half of Americans have used generative AI and most believe it will help them be more creative

https://blog.adobe.com/en/publish/2024/04/22/age-generative-ai-over-half-americans-have-used-generative-ai-most-believe-will-help-them-be-more-creative Last week Chris secured their second “Artist of the week”, their personal panorama once again moving the judges to tears. But last week we had to say goodbye to Claude who left the studio after their ambitious showstopper failed to wow Keith and Paul. This week is quarter final week and things are hotting … [Read more…]